Saturday, August 21, 2010

I remember!

we can easily notice that how people snub others. we cannot see the clever art but we can observe it. snubbing and underestimating has become a very intense part of almost everyone's life. but unfortunately we slowly gets use to it. quoting a small incident but yet it provides a clear cut example of this branch of life. i remember that i joined one place as an employee. the reason i opted for that job was that i was getting job no where and it was the only choice i had.

although in my heart i just never wanted to be there but still i had to because living without earning is impossible in earth. everyday on that job i was snubbed, crushed and had to do things against my nature. this is how your unfortunate luck at times can make you supervisior knew that i had all the potentials but always tried to snub and made my work look inferior. i still remember that how i just prepared myself to go through that grind of day. but i just learned a lesson out of that "LIFE CAN TAKE YOU WHEREEVER IT WANTS TO LEAVE YOU"


  1. drops its your luck that may define your fate but remember that a person himself plays a very important role as well. you have to make some decisions yourself. so it not necessarilry the scenario that life only takes you where it wants to leave you. a person owns act are also important 2 sum extent. but i agree to your point of view that sum ppl are expert in the art of snubbing others:)

  2. well i everyday face the same snubbing everyday.

  3. hey anonymous may you get rid of this snubbing as it can really hurt a person badly. so be strong pal!