Wandering Pearls

Wandering pearls are the designed quotes and sayings of my own. I’ll keep on updating this page with these wandering pearls now and then! Keep reading and keep enjoying!

* Nothing is perfect in life by seeing a flower decaying in a garden, night coming after day and hearts breaking everyday!

* Friendship is a golden thread engraved with love and trust.

*  Love others not for reasons but for love.

* Friendship is like a flower whose fragrance is love.

* Nothing is special until you make it special.

* Expectations burn in the fire of failure.

* A painful heart still survives but a smile on the face soon vanishes.

* True identification is behind million masks.

* Bad luck steps in when all the doors of hope are being locked.

v  Fake masks when unveiled taught me the art of identifying truth from falsehood.

v How easy it is for others to be a beautiful liar. 
v We all are humans, we live, stay and eventually go away!

v I tried but destiny didn't let me to complete it but still I feel cherished that at least I tried instead of waiting!

v There is no option to go back but yes you can improve the present and future by taking your life towards a new direction.