Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Own Self

Close your eyes and visualize that life is a test. There is no option to go back but yes you can improve the present and future by taking your life towards a new direction. Do not tie yourself to the materialistic world but instead try to be a better human being so that for some reason you can be a source of smile for someone! If some helpless smiles by your any gesture or kind word your heart will stay contended and then you will see a magic and you will cross the threshold of kindness and eventually you will start believing in your OWN SELF!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Logic of Mind versus The Echo of Heart

Life keeps on moving. The crucial moment in life arises when one tries to stuck in past and forgets his or her present or future. Things seem falling apart from one another. Life gives pain when once an echo of past confronts the heart. “How was I such a fool at that time?”. Once this sound evokes the chunks of bitter past surrounds the mind and heart. Acceptance and denial struggles between mind and heart. Who should we let to win the mind filled with logics or the heart filled with footprints of memories?

The above mentioned query is the most difficult one. It’s very difficult to equate the mind and heart.  When the heart filled with memories say “Yes” then the mind says that “Don’t be a Fool again”. Mind says learn from your mistakes while heart says follow your intuitions. How strong the battle becomes to whom to listen: mind or heart. Mind recalls experience while heart reminds to believe in your intuition.

Spending time to think, think and rethink is an ongoing process and in this process at times the heart wins and at times the mind wins. Now let’s not just reserve the mind vs heart methodology restricted to one’s inner mind. External world and people are behind the chaos of mind and heart battle. People give experiences in the form of memories or pains. It’s for sure that no one wants to confront a person who has spoiled your life for their own greed but one should be thankful to them for teaching a lifetime lesson. Never erode the believe in yourself because everything in life is meant to happen for a reason.

Life travelers but never ever try to find the reason that “Why it happened to me” for example thinking why some xyz person did this and that with you!

 Show patience, do recall but never stuck in it and in fact move on as it is Life which has to keep moving on its journey in both sunny and rainy days!


We all are humans, we live, stay and eventually go away!