Friday, January 25, 2013

Try To Move On!

It is never easy to move on. For moving on you have to forget your miserable previous path which was surrounded with thorns. You have to pluck each thorn out of our life and then you have to revive your dreams which are lost. Moving without new hopes is not possible. First learn to trust your dreams and then try to  move on!


It doesnt matter whether one lives with you or not. The only thing important is that some person taught you a lesson that never rely on anyone that much otherwise you will not be able to smile again with pure heart like once you did before you met that person!

Painful Memories

A casual attitude of some human beings makes you sad. A person's heart mourns at each mishappening and an album of previous sad circumstances triggers out of the heart too. "How I was betrayed?" The person wonders but at that time You are just left alone and you wonder "Why it happened to me?". Well this is not your story but it happens in every person's life sooner or later you realize that the person you valued the most  was no one but just like any other human being driving out of your life and leaving nothing out for you but just  giving you the painful memories.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Walking alone in the path of darkness is not easy. No light by the side makes the inner self yelling. If a guidance is there; the paths become easier and then you can anticipate that a light might glow your ways. This will yield an inner satisfaction!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Uncertainity A Vital game

Everyday it is being said that there is an existence in an uncertain world. This game of uncertainity is not due
to the multiplying circumstances but it is due to the uncertainity of the everchanging behaviours of living creatures. Ways are hindered by the vital game of uncertainity. People just step back once when they loose interest from something. So this uncertainity is not heavily casted by the circumstances but it is a vital game played by us the humans!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Keep moving even though if the circumstances are not much favourable. Strive with utmost strenght and then see the magic it casts.

Belief In Yourself

It is good to be satisfied with whatever you have in life. It gives inner peace and optimism without offering little to worry about. Do not blame the people or the circumstances just keep on striving with a belief in yourself!