Friday, December 23, 2011

Life'S BoaRD

Learning everyday from past experiences. Wishing that old  time could come back so that things done previously  can be changed but we soon realize that on life’s board everything is written with a permanent marker which cannot be erased or altered. Once if anything is written with that permanent marker on the life’s board than it means it will stay like that and it cannot be changed at any cost.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Forgive others. Forget the sorrows. Keep moving on with strength. Sit under the shady branches and notice the birds singing. See the nature laughing. After the most hectic day. Go to your mother, ask her "How are you?". Hold your mother's hand, put your head on her shoulder then ask yourself:

Is there anything more relaxing than that?

Dedicated to all mothers!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorful Lies:)

Many times, you hear lies in sugar coated manner.

Want to know those lies?


Are you sure? Say louder


Oh! I am doing over acting of being over dramatic. Anyway leave it. Finally lets plunge in the salty lies.
Lets start

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm excited??????????????????????


Lights Camera Action…………………………………………………..



Scene: 1
 Many times, you see people screaming: “believe me! I am telling the truth”. However, in the heart whispering to himself “I know I am the master of lying”.

Scene: 2
Outwardly appearing that I am the sincerest but in the heart thinking “oh! This person is so easy to make fool”.

Scene: 3
Showing gestures that “I really respect you” but in the heart giggling, “Hey get lost soon”
Scene: 4
Portraying to be very happy for one’s success but in the heart mourning, “how can he excel from me and be better”.

Scene: 5
 Outwardly saying “if you have any problems then do contact me” but when the person is actual in a miserable condition and he/she contacts him, then he says to himself“what the hell!”

Monday, December 12, 2011

Candle of Hope

Live and rest. Keep dreams alive. No matter how harsh life is, always keep your fingers crossed and wait for the right time to come your way. It may seem too dark but always let the candle of your hope lit and wait for the morning to come.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Misty fog and a cup of coffee

Lets have a smile and lets celebrate the fragrance of joy. Winter is here and it just feels like a blessing lying in the blanket in the evening  and visualizing the day that has sufficiently passed. Although you are semi sleepy but still you try to remain awake and go through the flashback mode. How was the day passed? Some events without any reason make you smile while some of the slightest blunders make you feel a bit conscious.

Colors, changes, memories, realizations and commitments go hand in hand. You view everything at times in serenity and at times you scan something with just your gut feelings. What you do and what you have seems to be different. You do what you want but you have that is in your fate. But yes hard work is also very important.  

Having a mug of tea or coffee and sitting in the misty fog, you generally try to sum up your life experiences. You recollect and analyze. You think and rethink. It cannot be labeled strictly as self evaluation but rather it is a kind of blended methodology of self actualization. So get pleasure from this moment, do not forget to enjoy each sip of your tea or coffee before it gets cold, and don’t forget to put the satisfaction dip in the misty fog. 
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