Monday, May 28, 2012

Quality of Character
Quality of character lies in the ability to survive in different circumstances faced in life. Quality of character is positive if the person still smiles and strives for betterment while quality of character is negative if the person cries and keeps rolling on the same path without determining the will to change his/her destiny.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life learns to smile
Things should move towards betterment. Life should learn to smile and tears should learn the language of hope. May the destiny learn to sparkle, as it has never failed.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Learn from your Setbacks.....

After every setback, your experience teaches you how to step cautiously so that you may not fall by the same rock.
Learn from your setbacks and try to make your way through the stones by learning with wisdom and experience.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Truest Friend.

It is  too easy in life to find a crowd of people around you but it is very difficult to find even a single soul who will dwell with you as the truest friend.

True friends do not need words

People who claim to be with you with just words are the ones who will vanish away quickly when circumstances will ask them to prove their words. Remember true friends will not make you feel special at one time through words and knock you down the other moment through their actions. True friends will use their actions to show their love and care. They will never hide their faces behind masks of empty words. So keep an eye to differentiate between those who say and those who actually do it for you. Love those who add a meaning to your life through their actions rather than filling you with their empty words. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Life is never full of choices.

We dream but at times, we are not able to acquire


We hope but at times, we are not granted.
This is how life is.

We never live with perfect choices but we live in 

dis-joined pieces.

Demonstration of comparison

A lot of times people practice the art of comparing themselves with others. Comparing yourself with others for betterment is not harmful but when comparing with jealousy is indeed an unhealthy activity.

In the unhealthy comparison, one is always trying to let down the other person whenever possible and it is a very bitter act. It also brings in grudges and it revolves negative vibes even through gestures and body language.

So do comparison for bringing a better change in you rather than engaging in the poor status of jealousy, which surpass the nobility of the soul and make you to act in an absurd manner. Be yourself and always respect lives around you :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ingredients to smile

Sometimes I wonder what ingredients can make us happy.

Is it too simple or too complicated to find a reason to smile?

I guess that there are trillions of reasons that can make you smile

Try to count stars in the sky

See the clear blue sky

See a baby smiling

Observe the wind touching the flowers

Enjoy the nature peak

Singing birds and the clear water that we drink

Life is full of little joys. See the beauty in every bit and enjoy every byte of it then you will automatically start 

smiling and then you will realize that life is too limited to cry but too unlimited to smile.

Keep smiling:)

Time the unpredictable time!

Time the uncertain time. Nothing is predicable about it. The only

thing that can be predicted about time is that it is unpredictable.

Souls running out of time but still in the state of incompletion of

their tasks. We all try to optimize time so that we can achieve our

goals and tasks. Some are lucky to be fulfilled while some remain

always wish to revert back so that they can be completed. Alas!

Nothing can be reverted back as mostly life offers no second chances.

So always avail the time you have and keep in mind that most of the

time life never gives second chances. There is always a first and last

chance engraved in the strip of a certain time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I couldn’t publish any post for the mothers day. Let us appreciate all the pretty women who are mothers because they can be talked about all the days due to their enduring roles in our lives. Mother is the safest shelter where you feel most comfortable. She will love you and comfort you for no reward. She becomes happy when we smile and when we are gloomy she will always kiss our forehead. No matter how ignorant we become at times she is all the time there in our lives shinning. Mother I love you and all my tiredness ends when I see your face and when I touch your hand.

Mothers Are Truly Special! 

Self-praising is not cool

Most of the time when you are socializing in a bunch of people, you come across a creature type which will try to prove they are superb cool and they will self-praise their personality by self complementing themselves. Oh my God! It just feels like that there every self-praising statement is like a slap on your face. Nobody should not even recommend killing your time with such category of people who will try to impose their superiority on you.

Apart from the general irritation, such kind of creatures put on you they are other implications in the broader sense as well. Why all of us in these days are in a need to have a certificate of admiration? Why people are in the quest to prove that their talents are better than the rest of the lot? Why we don’t let others to judge us not with our words but by the accuracy and purity of our actions? It is very complicated seeing people in general discussions trying to boast up their so-called unseen skills, which they claim to be perfectionist in through SELF-PRAISING WORDS.

Remember that those creatures who are true gems of the world they do not need vacant words to reflect their spark but they can be identified with the spark of their efforts and deeds. It is not wisdom to shout with words to portray that you are the best and to use self-praising words. Rather let your skills work and let your spark prove that Yes! That person has something exceptional. Vacant self-praising words are nothing and are destructive for your own self. Be yourself and work on your skills rather than wasting your time in appreciating your self. Stay happy and enjoy life!