Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sadness of Soul

A day of betray in a human life. Life when is in the chain of sadness surrounded by opportunities just to plunge in deep world of thoughts. World of thoughts is an interesting world in which everything can happen which seems impossible in the materialistic world. When nothing stays in the path of life to accompany then the passenger of life becomes indifferent about everything. A human being becomes sad when the external dilemmas of circumstances make him a resident of a similar stagnant place.

A saddened and isolated soul keeps on circulating around the same paths. Familiar faces are becoming stranger everyday and inner echoes are changing into shouts. The time is passing but the fate is not changing for better. Trapped in the same cage of misfortunes disguised as destiny is the most painful feeling in the world.  

Changing AD Culture In Pakistani Media: Who is Responsible?

It's a spark, a quest, a confusion or a never ending road. What is infront of the path when every other side is blocked. Moving on is the only choice left. The question is where to move on and how to move on when the surrounding condition will not change. Yes living in a biased society is just to walk blindly with sides blocked and the path is not even smooth. Hard work rendered by citizens goes unrewarded when the few rupees earned will be swallowed by more wider needs of a humanly body survival.

Especially when it is evident that the basic needs of a human life are the deficiencies in the country then other less prioritized wants just appears to be a luxury. More than half of the country lives in poverty but nobody wants to even talk about their miseries. Open up the TV channels what advertisements are on air and these ADs are just injecting something in the society which are not just in contrary according to the cultural and ethical aspects but the advertised commodities are just a luxury product.

High tech products are shown making a family life happier. Its hard to identify the marketing mix of such advertising when they know that they are selling in a country where people's purchasing power is less then what they try to portray through their ads that by indulging in such high involvement purchases there life will become glorious. Every AD is directed towards showing a life style that can only be gained through purchase of the xyz product. How ironic is that being at the opposite degree of reality you are offering something which major chunk of the population cannot buy. So the only consequences is that Fine you are putting up such ADs on TV but the purchasing power of the potential customers is not adequate which will not end up in purchasing but it will leave a more feeling of deprivation.

As far the ethical and moral norms are concerned they are already crossed in commercials. So what the viewers can do except to watch some immoral content while sitting with their family but why would TV channels care about the social grooming of the society as they just seem to be concern with PROFITS.

Its not just the responsibility of the Ad makers to follow some ethical guidelines while creating their ad but the medium who are displaying these ads needs to show some responsibility for not displaying such ads. TV is a source of teaching the society so what are they teaching?

Its really an ironic phenomena that when such TV channels through their heated discussion alarm the viewers about so many social evils then what about that social evil in which they themselves are involved. Aren't they hypocrites? On one hand they claim that they making the viewers aware of the problems while on the other hand engaging them to view such Ads.

The trickle down effect can be obvious that with having daily stimuli of such exposures the behaviors automatically tilt towards them consciously or unconsciously. So who has to step back the ad makers or the TV channels? It is the duty of the regulating bodies like PEMRA to devise guidelines and all related entities associated with PEMRA needs to align with those guidelines. Without a proper policy and monitoring no betterment can yield.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Expectations....Give a Tough Time


Its a hard world to live but human emotions are a mechanism that keeps on changing. Sad and depressed along with the feeling that the future is totally uncertain makes the heart encircled in doom.

She is Re-Reading Memories........

Life is full of so many phases! No she would call them pages. The interesting thing is that each page is different and each page locks in itself some joys, some tears, some hopes, few dreams and a little flame of hope. What was last year? No what was last year of the last year? So many last years have passed and she is standing where she herself is surprised. At every step of her life she always used to ask what is next. So there was always something for her to involve in and cherish the journey of learning!!!

So where is she standing right now? Well the answer can be simple but that level of simplicity is very difficult for everyone to understand even for her own innocent soul. That’s fine she has completed the post-graduation too which can be the highest level of education for a female in her country. Looking back at the years what she used to be? An extremely passionate person holding a desire of acquiring knowledge and she enjoyed studies as anyone would be having a jar of Nutella but now her jar of Nutella (studies) have finished.

So now she is looking forward that what hold for her! She knows every step of life is gift from Allah but why is she feeling that she has left behind the most glorious pages of life. She rereads those pages often but she knows how long will she rereading the same pages which are memories now! So she has to be a little practical which she is not exactly and instead of looking backward have to look forward!!!

But when she looks forward why her eyes become covered with misty fog and the vision becomes blur as what in her mind has been conceptualized as her fairy tale future. Now stepping in the real practical world she will know what is there actually for her!!!

Even you know she questioned alot and curiosity is her passion and  even she has stopped questioning the society, sitting at home thinking about life and she like every girl next door started listening to sad songs but now she has to realize and start thinking that why is she trapping herself !!!

May everyone living a life that they deserve and be a source of inspiration for all others. Love yourself and love your live!!!