Monday, June 29, 2015

Keep Trying

Alot can be done every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year till lifetime. All is needed a TRY. If you will not try how can you know your unlimited possibilities and the infinite sunshine that exists in you. All you need is a belief. A belief to try and a belief that you can try no matter in what process of life you exist. We all exist to shine and make our ways through the darkest chapters of life. We all LIVE but at times we forget about our existence. So keep moving, never give up and keep trying.

5 simple tips to be Happy

Happiness is all locked within a person's soul. All you need to do is to unlock the key of happiness so that your soul can be nourished with contentment. Today I will be talking about some really SIMPLE yet effective happiness reviving tips.

Here we go:

1. Start your day with a SMILE.

2. Schedule your day so that you can save time to do things that you love.

3. Go to a park and observe the nature.

4. Think of your beautiful childhood memory.

5. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and feel that your inside is sparkling with lights of JOY.

Have a happy fun filled day brightened up with happiness.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Inviting Host Writers for the Blog

Notebook-Unsorted Pages in Life is operational since the last 10 years. This blog has gone through various changes and it has been influencing the lives of numerous readers all across the globe who extract something really meaningful, motivational and inspiring. Now here is a time to hear what other writers has to say something about their experiences of life.

I very humbly invite some host writers to share their excellent piece of writing on my blog.

Criteria: The writing should pertain to some aspect of life and how it affected your motivation. It should be a source of inspiring and should reflect some glimpse of HOPE

Word Limit: The blog post should not exceed 500 words

Fee and Costs: There is no fee or cost for the writer to incur .

Young and Struggling writers are most welcome to participate...

The host author will be notified through email upon selection of their writing.

Currently Notebook Unsorted Pages of Life is offering no prizes but there is a guarantee that once you are selected the article will be live and available for reading for the blogs readers all across the world.

  • You can submit your article at :
  • In subject write the title of the writing
  • Include a short biography of yourself with a picture

Its a WONDERFUL opportunity to for all bloggers and writers.

My Book is now out in online Amazon Store

Wan to keep my readers informed that my very first book is out there in the market. My book is live and the most important aspect book what it is concise and precise. People are so much busy in their everyday lives but this book is for everyone and while I was writing this book I kept in my mind PEOPLE so I came up with a book which requires 30 minutes reading.

I haven't disclosed not much about the book but I think its the right for my readers here on blog to know what it is about. I have composed some pieces of poetry which all of you can relate alot. There is a story of a young woman who has to undergo a painful transformation in her life leaving behind the most precious relationship in her life. Finally there is something very nourshing words for giving energy to your soul.

So the book offers something alot for everyone.

Good NEWS for my blog readers is that you can avail and claim your free copy at

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A Tribute to My Readers....All of you are the INSPIRATION for me to write!!!

Today instead of writing a traditional post I want to talk to you people and THANK YOU so much for coming and visiting my blog. It is really a nice and special feeling at times though I am not able to post but still I am amazed to see the stats that how regularly you guys visit my blog to know about any of my new writings.

I am so humbled and so much THANKFUL to all my readers for reading even a single line out of my blog. I hope you will keep on visiting and keep up my spirit high.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Education: a sarcastic trauma in Pakistan

Its truly an irony that in Pakistan lack of opportunities in the job market is eradicating the and crushing the dreams of the highly educated youth in the country. It doesn't matter even if you hold a higher education degree in contemporary subjects with a great score. It doesn't help as once the students with lots of dreams enter the job market they realize that their passions and ambitions are vague as no opportunity on pure merit basis will hold their hands.

I now suspect that there is always a raised slogan that we need educated citizens and education needs to be improvised. But why they want to increase education rate and literacy when the educated ones have to be crushed under the bizarre title of unemployment.

Distribution of thousands of resumes take place but the terrible truth is that even acquiring of job has to be done through the so called hypocrite term of references and networking. What are you giving to the society? Selling jobs under the cover with the credit card of references.

Its really an annoying element when you see so much educated and bright people living jobless due to the trauma of a spoiled job market where jobs are acquired as equivalent to transactions that take place in black market. Who see your skills, knowledge and learning? So do you think with this actual bitter scenario is it worthy to keep on increasing the stream of education and later let them drown in disappointment.

I just now smile sarcastically when I hear on TV or NEWS that the government is trying to raise the education rate. The education rate increase is offset later when the educated individuals face the bitter reality and then they are are patted on their backs with comments like its practical life.

Malala who has won a Nobel Prize is claimed to be a role model for enlightening education but I have a question is it really justice to open minds with the spark of education first and then letting them to burn under the disguise of UNEMPLOYMENT?

If any one has an answer do let me know!!!!