Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting What We Deserve

Mot painful thing for any person is to live with dead dreams. When dreams die it is not easy. It is not easy to accumulate the broken pieces of wishes and desires. Life is painful and its experiences keep on shaping our thoughts. We often hear life is all about change but change at every step is not easy.

It is not easy at all to smile when things in your life are wrong. It is not easy to show the world you are composed when parts of your soul are wounded. In fact it is not easy to let go of a thing that you always wanted and adjusting with what YOU never though of. It feels awful to be asked "how are you?" and every time like a tradition you have to make a false confession that "Yes I am alright".

Life can be much better if we are cared and have a true helping hand. Otherwise many of painful souls drown in misery when they have no one by their side. It is not easy to live a life that has no love to offer. May we all find the ones we truly deserve so that lives can be brightened.