Saturday, August 31, 2013

What is going around in Pakistan?

It is devastating to know everyday that how masses of the country are deprived. On one hand there are floods and other issues are at peak. Issues like inflation peaked more than before and the citizens living with poverty. The grains which we eat everyday have become so expensive that citizens living under the poverty line cannot satisfy their hunger. The floods have caused economic harms too which then complicate lives.

Crime rate unfortunately is also alarming. Why only the worst is heightening? Should we let the things be as they are? Should worrying be left unanswered or should we accept it as our fate?

The answer is NO! The evils of the society are more or less prevalent and known. What is only unknown are the measures and strategies which should be formulated to curb them. Pakistan is rich in assets and resources. The need is to formulate comprehensive strategies so that effective management of the problems in hand can be made.

Bribery, negligence and corruption are the root causes complicating the problems for instance every year it is predicted before hand by the weather forecasting agencies about the weather events that are most likely to occur but proper planning to minimize the bitter effects is not done. If their will be no planning then how the out of the blue sudden programs for controlling destruction can be effective. The implementation will be just an unprepared act and the results will heighten up the issue (it can be noticed these days).

The problems are not there without solutions. It is the thinking and lack of efforts which is causing uncertainty throughout the nation.