Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Negation at a certain point in life wound your soul and make you cry

but remember to move on and smile even though if the circumstances are

 not in favour for you to survive! Prove circumstances that you are strong

and smile at every little joy!

Keep trying  and cherish all the colours of life!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Never give up hope at the stumbling moments. Believe in yourself and take pleasantly whatever Life offers you. Still never give up hope as there are alot better that has to be rewarded at one step or the other in everybody's life!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Move on in life

Standing at a stagnant place and waiting for the time to pass. Thinking in mind that the time SHOULD change and then make the circumstances acceptable for you. Hours pass by, a day turns into night, the day passes and you wait for the next day to undergo the same process of waiting. Each day starts with the same hope of hoping that the time will change for better. Counting the passing days and they turn into months. Later the months starts turning into years. Your wandering mind signifies that it is getting too late and you blame the circumstances for hindering your ways.

When once it is been murmured that “it has been too late” by the pondering heart then the ray of hope starts dimming and eventually your struggle starts slowing down due to the lowness started in you. You feel tired at every step and look back through the times you have passed by. At this point self evaluation starts and this stems to giving birth to regrets. You start claiming that “ I have walked through miles but still I have never been an achiever of my dreams throughout my life”. Believe! That this is the point where you start loosing insight of your dreams. You start un-noticing little charms and glories which you have achieved in the journey of your struggle. Instead of counting the stars you might have achieved you start counting the things you lost. This is the step when you block your vision from positivity and even a little tiny loss (for example even missing a bus) triggers the previous mishaps. You become more tired and devastated. You start loosing the essence and joy of little things once you loved. Everything seems to be the same and steady. The only moving thing that seems to you are your apparent failures and setbacks.

If somebody is caught up in this scenario then cracks in self belief occur. You worry more anticipating what will be next for you. Even though if something good happens you do not cherish it still you remain dissatisfied.

However, the most important thing that you miss at that time is the cherish of your own existence. You tend to forget that it is ultimately YOU who is striving and you forget to buck up yourself. You forget to appreciate your little gains and you do not appreciate the fact that you are struggling for something worthy. You are far more better than those who just sit and watch for their magical FATE to work such people do not strive but only idly wait and do not use their capabilities. At this point instead of counting your failures in the way of struggle you need to think about the pleasure of utilizing your own capabilities for the accomplishment of your goals. Even though you may fail at times but you will gain an experience and that experience will assist you in mapping out more effective ways and prospects.

Believe that it is you who can change your own self for better first and then see the magic that you can spread around you. Do not see your setbacks as a defeat rather take them as a step moving towards the series towards the attainment of your dreams. Do not let the colors of your dreams fade away. From today onwards do not count your setbacks but start counting the things you have achieved in the miles. Count the smiles, the excitement and pleasure of trying something new, exploring ways and strategies for making something happen according to your own choice and lots more. Satisfaction of struggling in itself is far more pleasing than those who never try to make things happen better. Change yourself and then you will see things automatically changing for better. Do not wait for circumstances to be better first rather change yourself for better and see the magic. All of us have a world of our own inside us. Make your inner world happy and then you will see the outside world optimistic too. Keep moving on in life and never stop with regrets. Never stop believing in yourself and make sure that you move on in life bucking up yourself at every step. Do not count on others or the circumstances to carve ways for you but make your own ways with a firm believe in yourself. Do not forget to move on in life by forgetting setbacks and believing in yourself. Do not wait for the circumstances or people to change but change your self for betterment and then the things will automatically seem to be brighter and better.