Sunday, February 5, 2017

A note from ME

I have been somewhat kind of away from my blog and I have not actually communicated well with my readers. Today I am not typically going to write about human emotions but I will talk with you something which has really inspired me a few moments back.
Without any doubt its true we all are travelers of life but we as a human being has an obligation to fulfill. Helping others is the top most important obligation. Helping just humans is not the case but we should be helping everything around us. We need to help the thirsty birds, help someone in learning something, help the little kitten trying to survive the winter on open street, help the plants and care for them. Just we need to be there for others when there is no one for someone.

I think in our days of life we do a lot of things for ourselves but we need to spare a few moments to help and nurture others. Have a LOVELY life and take care of everyone around you.



Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rare Symptom of Emotions

The WORLD in which we live is becoming a selfish tank. People which I call creatures are transforming into selfish beings having a whole set of materialistic priorities. Human emotions have vanished because the room is only open for the lusty desires. Feelings and emotions are just games played well and with every passing day such selfish creatures are excelling.
Humans are meant to be loved but why relationships are dying artificial death of selfish acts. We the NEW GENERATION do not strive to save relationships and our interactions are becoming more of a lusty trap. We will do only those acts which are beneficial for our own centered self.
Unfortunately true emotions have become a rare commodity which is now becoming difficult to find. It's easy to involve in a disposable relationship and then throw it away once you have had enough of it. It is the most dilemma that human interactions have no face value now as the value has been transferred to dead prioritize full of materialistic lust.
The Message is in this lusty environment when you encounter the rare symptoms of emotions then do nurture it instead of killing it with your lust and do cherish it.

Monday, October 31, 2016


It is alright to feel indifferent and at times it is OK to be upset. Life is a very different thing. Things and people keep on changing. People have made and considered life as a competition of attaining their lust.

Lust is everywhere. It is in relationships. It is among people and still we all think we are not selfish. We are selfish because for attaining our lust we drown every relationship or anything. Materialistic gains for so important that people want to run after them. People want to be friends with someone who can fulfill only their social needs. Couples are breaking away because there is absence of true love. Lust has replaced love. Love is unconditional and free but in this world these days we have made love a number. We want to be with someone when we need them, when it is convenient for us. How lusty we all have become.

Lust has replaced almost every human emotion. Emotions have faded away all we are left with only our physical appearances. Nobody is willing to give love for free but everyone wants to make a transaction which suits them. Unfortunately all emotions have been sold and what we are left with is only broken promises and worse human relationships.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Calculative People

The truth about people that you love the most will eventually make you cry harder. Similarly trusting someone the most will leave you into despair. It is the truth about this World we always get hurt from the place from where we expect the most.

Life is spontaneous but the people who are living it are very calculative. Their intentions and gestures are directed by their only self beneficial self interest. Never ever put such person the first priority in your life who is not even willing to take a few simple steps for you. By the end of the day they are they want to be merely with you when it is their convenience and it always about them not about the other person.

Live your life with those people who are not only truthful in front of you but they are always true with you in whatever circumstances. Don't ask for affection if they are not willing to give it for free. Just know when it is the time to shut such people out of your life. Initially letting go will hurt because it was only you who was sincere while the other one was always busy far away from you.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Gems and Stones

One of the most fundamental question is that how people change with the changing circumstances? People change in fact they evolve according to the changing circumstances. Life is a catalyst of change and humans adapt or even discard their emotions in order to adjust with the changes.

A person changes everyday from changing their words, thoughts and opinions. Yet true people stay stable no matter even if the circumstances change and they will be always there for you.

So those people who change with you according to time understand that they are masters of only taking them-self as a priority. They take rest as for granted.Throw them away they are rolling stones who keep on changing their paths for their own gain.

While the true people will stay the same with you no matter how drastically everything changes but their feelings will never change for you. If you find such people value them and cherish them. They are gems.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Seasoned People

Life is so unpredictable. Even when you are thinking that things are going your way then suddenly a twist comes. The twist turns your life upside down but trust me how much you try things do not get better. You start becoming anxious that how things will improve and you try everything to make things work. It is not that the circumstances have changed but people have changed.

Changing colors of people is the most devastating thing. You try every bit to make things work with the changed person but trust me it will never work. Nothing will work despite of your endless efforts because the person for whom you are struggling is not actually there for you. All struggles and efforts will start to break away in front of your eyes and you can't do anything about that. People who have changed like a season will not become the same person who they pretended to be previously. Such people are manipulators and they only attached there temporary color when you were there need. They never equally invested emotionally but they were partially present with you according to their own selfish desires.

Whenever you find yourself with people who show up when you fit there needs are not genuine people. Though it hurts but still you should know when to put an end to it and should gracefully walk away. If you will not walk away then they will keep on grinding you according to the suitability of their own selfish needs. You were never important for them rather you were a temporary convenience for them. Learn to let go such people as despite of giving them so many chances they will never change. Take care of your own feelings and do not let anyone exploit them as it's you yourself important rather than letting yourself grind and suffocate with such colorless seasoned people. Your life will be much better without them.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hope and Wait

Life is on a constant move. We as the travelers of life has to constantly wander but walking on the same paths loose hope. Looking and waiting is the most painful step in the journey of life. Life seems to be chained when you know that you can't move forward and all you have is keep on thinking about the same past chapters.

No body wants to dwell in the place where there is no choice and you have to stay in the same place with the sensation of wait that what will happen next.Nothing can be more painful than this phase when hope diminishes with every passing day but still you don't want to give up your hope altogether. Hope and wait is the most painful form of a person's life experience.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting What We Deserve

Mot painful thing for any person is to live with dead dreams. When dreams die it is not easy. It is not easy to accumulate the broken pieces of wishes and desires. Life is painful and its experiences keep on shaping our thoughts. We often hear life is all about change but change at every step is not easy.

It is not easy at all to smile when things in your life are wrong. It is not easy to show the world you are composed when parts of your soul are wounded. In fact it is not easy to let go of a thing that you always wanted and adjusting with what YOU never though of. It feels awful to be asked "how are you?" and every time like a tradition you have to make a false confession that "Yes I am alright".

Life can be much better if we are cared and have a true helping hand. Otherwise many of painful souls drown in misery when they have no one by their side. It is not easy to live a life that has no love to offer. May we all find the ones we truly deserve so that lives can be brightened.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Keep Trying

Alot can be done every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year till lifetime. All is needed a TRY. If you will not try how can you know your unlimited possibilities and the infinite sunshine that exists in you. All you need is a belief. A belief to try and a belief that you can try no matter in what process of life you exist. We all exist to shine and make our ways through the darkest chapters of life. We all LIVE but at times we forget about our existence. So keep moving, never give up and keep trying.

5 simple tips to be Happy

Happiness is all locked within a person's soul. All you need to do is to unlock the key of happiness so that your soul can be nourished with contentment. Today I will be talking about some really SIMPLE yet effective happiness reviving tips.

Here we go:

1. Start your day with a SMILE.

2. Schedule your day so that you can save time to do things that you love.

3. Go to a park and observe the nature.

4. Think of your beautiful childhood memory.

5. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and feel that your inside is sparkling with lights of JOY.

Have a happy fun filled day brightened up with happiness.