Thursday, September 5, 2013

Inner self

Certainly the past has a huge impact on the coming days. The past once confronted in mind can bring the agony of despair. The lost truth buried in the heart refreshes like it has being always present in the person. Life seems to be ridiculous and people surrounding you are nothing but passengers who at times rush in and out of your life’s train.
It doesn't matter how long the passengers stayed and once they are done with their role in your lives they simply go out of your life. This is how coming in and going out stays in life. Even the physical bodies in which the soul resides during our tenure of life is a temporary resort. When one gets born the soul in-stills in the body and once the time comes of the departure the soul leaves the body and enters the world of infinity.

The world is a temporary place and people are nothing but passengers. Once we reach our destination the surroundings set into an end. Try to live a life and do not attach much importance to the physical entities ultimately it’s our inner self that lives and the people surrounding our lives fade out as they never existed.