Saturday, September 24, 2011


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dreams and Fairy Tales

You grow up with a lot of beliefs in childhood. You think when you’ll grow up you will change the world and all the things that you have planned will happen as you decided. In childhood you think that the world will be on your terms and conditions. Slowly and gradually as you start getting old and younger, you make a lot of amendments in the terms and conditions. At every change you justify yourself why you are doing that?

Your rule book starts changing at every step. At every step you learn something new. At times you have to let go away certain things that you once truly admired and it gives you a lot of pain. Giving away your dreams that at times may seem absurd to the world makes you sad. Those passions and desires that you once set in your eyes were a constant support to yourself and they always painted a positivity in yourself. Realizing one day that your childhood dreams were only a fairy tale gives you pain and at that day you confront the gritty of the real world in which we stay! But remember never ever break yourself with your vanishing dreams as there are thousands more dreams still waiting for you to give you support.

Just explore them, find them and love them.

Dreams and hopes they never die they just change their directions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


In the garden of my heart;
there is still a place;
where hopes and wishes;
are scattered everywhere.
At every success;
still there is a space.
At every loss;
still I have something attained.
My heart is a place;
which doesn’t look like my own.
It is in the storm of;
something unknown.
I am trying to get out;
of it all alone.
But I cannot resist;
its terrible forms!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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Nothing Stays Forever

Time passes, circumstances change, ways change, feelings change, people claiming that they will stay together forever rarely meet and distances stretch and hardly  you remain  acquainted. What one has in hands are the memories that can brighten up one’s day or can make someone sad. It is really difficult to find sincere people in your life who you can call your best friend. You might miss some people who were with you in the past but not today. You smile when you are passing down the street and you see some other friends cheering around like the way you also did in the past………………..then you say to yourself: “nothing stays forever”…….

Monday, September 19, 2011

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Our Life's Dictionary

Totally aggravated and shocked on the experiences that occurs during the walk of life. At times you live in perfect isolation and at times you are in a crowd down the lane. What is life about? The simple answer could be that merely passing the days till that point when death knocks at your door step. Oh no! this is a very pessimistic point of view so lets put it around the other way- life is a series of events in which you are given multiple ways of doing constructive and useful tasks.

Let’s try to come across a unified definition of life. Although the definition of life varies from creature to creature. Well still let me try! Again I am trying to be superior but don’t matter because I have a typical human nature and this typical human nature provides me immense justification to begin. Again making one more assumption at the start that is:

Assumption: “I am a learner of life”

With this assumption I am starting of:



What is life?

Answer: According to me life is nothing but dreams, hopes and commitments. Life is a complex integrated golden chain which seems beautiful when it gives joys and cheers. Life seems to be a burden when it gives sorrows and grieves.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Smile & Laugh

Dengue Fever

Vision of life is loosing its dignity in those mal developed areas where poverty exists and gender differentiation issues are at peak. Each day people of such areas are been victimized on the name of food and hunger. Why such issues still exist? If appropriate measures are been taken for poverty reduction then why still a lot of people are threatened by the disastrous word or threat of hunger. Why still many people today are forced to spend their lives under the open sky. Why they don’t have their own homes to give them a sensation of protection and a prospect of a better future?

Unfortunately such extreme conditions still exist in the different parts of the globalised world. Such extreme conditions are the prevalent feature of the developing nations. Global poverty is rising and it is affecting the developing nations. Pakistan is also a developing nation and it has also been exposed to the poverty phenomenon. The ranking of Pakistan is 43 interms of the poverty risk. Along with the poverty dilemma another natural hazard has caused a crisis in the country. Dengue fever has been viral throughout the land of Pakistan and each day numerous patients are been identified.

Each day a lot of citizens turn into dengue fever victims and they are admitted to hospitals. The situation seems to be more critical and deteriorated when the death statistics are known. Although the government is facilitating the victims and various strategic steps are been formulated and implemented but the intensity of the disease seems to repel the arrangements and problems continue each day. What needs to be done when the problem is out weighting the resources?

Definitely the nation should also stand up and play its due role. Each and everybody should be in the forefront against this disease along with the government. Prevention measures should be applied by every citizen inorder to prevent himself and his society in this difficult time. Instead of pinpointing and complaining about the inadequate resources steps should also be taken at individual level and the prevention measures should be followed. Again with unity and with a will of firmness betterment can be achieved. May everyone stays save from dengue! May dengue fever vanishes quickly and a healthy environment prevails throughout the country!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


(I wrote this poem and it is a special dedication from me to all those who lost their loved ones due to some reason or especially dedicated to those who still smile on the memories of their dear ones who are no more in their lives!)

Years are passing by

Feelings are changing

I left behind the things ;

those were most precious for me

Now I don’t want;

tears to come out of my eyes

I don’t want anyone to realize

how much I was close to you;

and still now!

Nothing can make you apart;

from my memories now.

Who cares! Your presence is;

not with me.

But still I hold the memory;

which you gave me.

Desires may vanish;

but not feelings

As you gave me life

And my identity

Although you are not with me

but still I can cherish myself

with your memory.

Friday, September 16, 2011


No matter what the circumstances a human being is facing, no matter what the hurdles are- true faith in oneself should not be lost and optimism should be nurtured. Believe should come first and it will bring in itself optimism and it in turn will bring a positive wind keeping us comfortable. So yes! Again we should try our best and believe in ourselves. Remember nothing is impossible.


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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hoping for the best

Wont just rest

As there is always a dream

To move ahead

Dreams won’t go away

As they become a part of life

That won’t decay!

I won’t stop

As I have to move ahead

Because I know that’s life

So I have an option

To utilize

Human being that’s life!

So do strive

You will survive

If you want to

Move ahead in life!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"A page from the diary of a silent heart"

Walking from the days of life I have seen the drowning boats and ever rising days of hope. At times you are left with nothing to surrender. You have got nothing to decorate your palm with a ray of hope. You are isolated, devastated and vacated in every footstep. What you have to do with this life? When it has nothing to give you? Still we force our every day to begin with a smile and to end with an encouraging silent hope.

At times how awful this situation is that you are completely broken but still you try to move on with every might. Believe me! It is very difficult. Indeed it is a deadly trauma in the road of life. Stress is strong and also the courage has minimized to buck you up. Again the question comes: how can you still go on? Should you muster up the guts to knock at the door of your scary heart? Should you let it go? Should you still try? Can you leave the uncontrolled circumstances to determine your painful fate? Should we let ourselves easily wash away in the highest thunderstorm of terror and gloom?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Change!!! - a mystery quest but yet to achieve -

I craved for a change in life. A change which could be just for me. Of course I wanted that change for a better reason. Reason- a well defined argument which has a lot of roots in the human mind. In the similar manner I had a chain of such arguments in my mind to nurture the justification for a change for better. Yes I am a human being. Now introducing myself I travel and you can call me a traveler of life. I travel a lot to explore my world of possibilities. I am a traveler of my dreams and yes! I dreamt about one thing and it fortunately happened to be true.

So now you would be wondering that what that dream would be?

Well! Well! Well! That dream was regarding my life and it always strike in my mind that yes! That would be my starting point if I accomplished it. So here I am today having the reality of accomplishment in my hands. Again like a typical human being still I have a continuous scrutiny going in my mind. I am still not happy of what I achieved. Why I cannot celebrate the victory? I was always so viciously dedicated in trying to achieve it. Why I cannot smile on my success? I still feel a space. I can still feel the emptiness there. Why cannot I be thankful? Is this only my nature or it is added up in all the humans’ community?

A state of dissatisfaction is always there no matter what you achieve. Still you feel that the magic which once made you smile for simple reasons is not there. Well! Not again I am being unthankful. Is this my destiny that I stay dissatisfied and always search for more optimistic and fruitful ends. If this is so than I am truly been hideous of all the positivity around me. I am looking for a change and not only a change but a new change. But the problem is that when the change is there than all of us have some other unlabelled lust which provokes in us which diminishes away the utility.

We should decide it today that instead of craving changes from the circumstances, why don’t we change ourselves first and infact bring a true glimpse of a new change everywhere. We should say yes that I will explore my world of possibilities but with a positive picture in my mind all the time. Circumstances may vary but optimism should stay consistent in me. In this way definitely all of us will be able to make a true positive change all around the world. Why just running after a materialistic new change? Why not crave for a quality oriented durable change within ourselves which will be truly called A NEW CHANGE!