Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elections 2013-The start of a new chapter or the continuity of the same chapter

The word “elections 2013” is rolling like a free ball and it is being widely used in almost each and every political statement in Pakistan these days. The driving force behind elections 2013 is a rigorous thinking among the general public that whether the elections will cast a change for better in the country or will be the retransmission of the previous conditions.
Elections which are going to be held this year is also embarking questions marks in the minds of the people. General public is going through a continuous thinking and rethinking process about the elections and its transparency. Whether the elections will bring the desired changes by opening a new chapter of a peaceful Pakistan or still there will be continuity of the same chapter with merely a slightest change in the names. The votes of the public will cast their magic or still the country will revert back. The residents of Pakistan are not just craving for change but they are demanding a change for better. That change which will open up new horizons for them and will let the nation grow.
Anticipation and wait is at peak in order to know that what waits for each and every ordinary citizen of Pakistan. Do the people again have to undergo the same process of more prolonged patience or this time the change will actually happen for better. The general public is keeping their eye on elections and is hoping that the elections this time not just bring changes in faces but it brings change in the country so that Pakistan enters into a new chapter of prosperity. Every sector and citizen of Pakistan is in the wait process till the elections cast their effect in true optimistic sense.
It has being a long time since Pakistan is striving to move ahead to a new era surrounded by peace and harmony. The peace and harmony does not just mean in terms of getting rid of terrorism but it means getting peace and harmony in the overall different sectors of Pakistan. It becomes alarming when an ordinary citizen moves to market to buy the grains of the three times day meal but the purchasing power in his wallet does not allow him to fulfill his/her family hunger adequately. In fact the striving people tend to cut down their spending to the maximum extent so that the limited rupees in their pocket could satisfy the monthly ever exceeding expenses. The inflation is haunting the residents of the developing country Pakistan. The crisis of electricity and gas has also made the Pakistani residents under the constant grind of an unsettled mindset and they are forced to distribute their everyday lives trying to catch up the distorted schedule of load shedding. The cooking of food even after buying the expensive grains is not easy because the stoves offer limited gas availability. From market till home to the workplace there are multiple concerns due to the deteriorating circumstances. So underlying all these issues every citizen is craving for change which can lighten up their lives. Every person is holding their eyes on the elections of 2013.
It has being quite a long time since the residents of Pakistan are living under more or less same deteriorating environment. The phase of stability is just not required on the economic grounds but a change is required for giving justice to the citizens without letting them to bear the burden of being living with injustice on their shoulders. Justice has also triggered to become a big question mark. Why the country is trading off justice with injustice? Whether there is targeting killing on the streets of Karachi or any suicidal bombing it is the land of Pakistan which is undergoing the extreme conditions.
Corruption in direct or disguised forms is present in the country which is killing away the true merit based opportunities and depriving the people from their right. Murders and killings of people whether veiled or unveiled are not moving through a systematic process of acquiring justice. The stronger the influence the more chances of grabbing the opportunity.
Analyzing the multiple sectors of the country it can be observed that stability is absent and the citizens are going through the continuity of inconveniences. Inconveniences are immense and they range from killings on the road, people begging for justice, complaints of not getting the timely salaries, demands for pay raise accompanied with strikes in different corners of the country, electricity and gas crisis. There are many sensitive areas which are immediately needed to be addressed. Everyone is impatiently waiting for the elections 2013 so that the future of Pakistan can be predicted.
Now Pakistan is in that stage where just glittery promises will not work but in fact the true acts for bringing the change will show its magic. The residents of Pakistan are ultimately waiting for the Pandora box of the elections to open so that everyone can preview that what waits for the future of Pakistan. If the consequence of the elections brings to the continuity of the same deteriorating chapter then again the country will reverse to the same procedures of striving or if the magic of elections will truly spark to bring a new change in Pakistan then a new chapter in the glorious journey of Pakistan will commence. The time is the decider so let’s wait together till the consequences are unveiled.