Monday, September 6, 2010

Why a time comes in life when you are forcefully entitled to think that the decision which you took in the past was thoroughly wrong! In the past time although how tactfully and thoughtfully you had made the decsion but the grains of the present make you rethink the scenario that " ohh! i regret making that decision now..............but now no use, the time has gone:(". The reason for this rethinking attempt are the prevailing surrounding circumstances. Alas! those cicumstances wouldnt have prevailed but they might be in practice due to any reason.
But what a person needs to do? This is a very delicate issue in which one might be indulged. Well why not move towards a positive side? why not painting a better picture today? So the person needs to make an assessment... all the person should do is to make an assessment of this past and present circumstances. After that assessment of circumstances an assessment of the difference between psychological mindset in the past and present needs to be done.

After assessment analyze what required a person to make that particular decision in the past. Question yourself " why in the past that decision seemed to be the most feasible option and why not now?". when you are done by digging out the reason then provide yourself with reasonable arguments and rational reasons that why were you standstill with that choice in the past. After doing that just refresh the belief that everything happens for a reason and there is always a positive reason behind that.
TIP!!!! Never ever always regret for a false decision made in the past because it might adversely effect your present situation and it might torture you. Always find a better and positive reason to narrow down your regret. Also it is not wise to run after that bus which you have missed in the past so stay happy! SMILE AND BE POSITIVE:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I came to know a truth about life
It was so bitter that i couldnt deny
I was burned in ashes
By someone i truly admired
Why life is so painful?
When truth are still behind lies
Why it hurts?
When nothing cruel has been done by your side!
How will I live?
If I dont have a single well wisher in my life
Life is portraying itself to be so ugly
how can i smile........