Thursday, August 25, 2011


Life goes on as usual

Dreams provoke

To give a hope to surrendering life

At times when there is no hope

But friends! The question arose

Should we struggle?

When we don’t have the power to do so

Well yes! I heard an answer

From my inner soul

Struggling is the second name

Of life if you don’t know

Oh you!

Why r u giving up so?

When you know

There is a hope

That hope will never let you go

So try again!

As there is another show

Life is like that so!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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A sudden change

Which I can’t explain

Has emerged in my life

Making the tears

Go out of my eyes

And making me feel

Apart of it

Gone are the times

When I was a little child

I had the dreams of sweets

In my eyes

And I always thought

Of light as my goal

Relationships that were so protective

Have lost in their own destinies

Making me realize that

I am on my own

In this path of life

That has yet to prolong

I have to face these consequences

Although I never thought

Of them before

But I am not weak

That I will fall and

Let others look at me

As a failure on this mode

And I want this

To be the message for all

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Failure a sophisticated name of "EXPERIENCE"

It’s not easy in life to get what you desire for. It is not a matter of capabilities and it is not a matter of skills at times. At times your fate makes your dream ruin in the ocean of sadness. A person becomes sad crushed and devastated. This is life! Shattered dreams are the output of the most curious desires. Also it is not at times the hard work that decides your path it is the chance you get. Remember when there is merely a chance then there is no place for choices. You have to let go your choices and your dreams. Saying bye to dreams is not easy. It brings tears in one’s eyes. How painful it is to let a part of you to go. What is that part of you? That important part of ourselves is the dreams which we decorate in our eyes for so long.

How cunning act of the fate is to wash away our desires with the outcome of failure. A person is left out with the shattered and broken version of a gloomy heart which formerly desired a lot. How can one stay optimistic and contended in this scenario? How can one afford to smile when he has given away that dream which always once made him smile? Giving it a name of the law of nature we try to return to our normal aspects of life. We give a lot of justifications to our gloomy mind and heart that it was better for us to give up. We give that failure a sophisticated name of experience. The clever and crafty art of the human mind calling failure an enriched experience!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


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A dream has a right

To flourish in one’s eyes

It has a liability to cross

Through one’s eyes

Always cant become true

All the time

But still they give a hope

And is sometimes a beautiful lies

That decorates in one’s eyes

Making one feel a part of this world

That has a sketch mapped by

His own

Alas! At times dreams broke

But still they have a long

Way to go

As they are a hope

Of life

And you don’t want

To let them go.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


A beautiful day
Full of cheers
In mummy's lap and dady's cares
My childhood a dream now
But yesterday
It was a beautiful reality!

This is life
With changing colors
This is life
With changing people
This is life
With circumstances staying and going

Oh human being! yes this is life
In which you wait for another moment
And the very next moment
You hear cries
That someone has gone
And moved away from this life
This is nothing but life
In which one borns and the other dies

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Darkness prevailed hiding the lovely nature behind its black curtain. "I can't see the flowers mama, it seems that night has robbed them", innocent child inquired her mother with glowing eyes by looking through the window. The mother said: "It is getting late so go to sleep". Morning approached and the child while rubbing her eyes went to the window to solve the mystery of the robbed flowers and the query of the innocent child was replied through the serene nature awaiting and greeting through the other side of the window. The glittering flowers were visible in the morning and there glow was adding a new beginning and meaning to life which in actual terms were enhancing the vision of living. A message is transmitted with clarity that every morning with which humans are blessed is indeed a new beginning. Morning is a new beginning in fact a new opportunity to utilize as it complements every resident of life a new start to endeavor, a new beginning to explore and a new joy to celebrate.
A clear thought is running in my mind;
With endless possibilities for me to survive.
Why life seems to smile towards me;
In that way?
Maybe because wind of "a new beginning";
Is blowing everywhere!
Just living is not the art of survival but identifying the colors engraved in life are the true indicators of our presence and its essence starts from the blessed mornings that are popped out from life's magic box. So humans open your magic box and start your day as you are blessed as you have another day! Morning negates and denies giving up and gives a lesson about the perfect aspects of life. Morning gives the lesson that a new destiny and a new beginning has started as the night has gone, the flowers are glittering, the sun is shinning, life is smiling  then why stopping? Truly! It is a new beginning. Yes we are blessed as everyday brings us a new beginning which accompanies joy and a sense of accomplishment. This new beginning reflects a new journey, a new message, a new sense of happiness. Mornings which are beginnings formulate hopes and power for living dreams.

What needs to be done now? Should we ignore these beginnings and remain stagnant? Perhaps we have a very clear answer and that is "No" to ignorance and we should add meaning by starting our every morning as a new beginning. Humans you have a key to open the door of happiness. Get up, look out of your window and hear the whisper of life that indicates smile and asking us to start our destiny as morning is truly a new beginning that promises a new destiny ahead so keep going and never stop believing!
I will shine as I have life
I will try as I have life
Live life as life is there
Don't give up;
As we have got another day to praise.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I just don't know right now what I will write about. But today I want to express a lot. I want to talk about the varying circumstances. I want to explain the different scenarios which one can face. Crossing through the road of life you meet different people. Various combination of people crosses through your life at varying time. Some people just merely walk out of your life by having a negligible impact on you. Such people just even evaporate out of one's mind while there are some other people who just stick in your mind forever and ever. Who are those people? Are they like a sweet harmonious nightingale in the valley of your life? Are they a gift of nature? A lot of WHYS?
Can there be a single answer? Ofcourse a not. There can be no single set of definition which can beautifully intact the true glimpses of such beautiful stars of one's life. Yet we can appreaciate them, we can love them in return, we can nurture them with care and acknowledgement. What these beautiful living beings require in return nothing but true love and care. Whoever those people are? Whether these are your brothers, sisters, friends, husbands, wives, parents………DO LOVE THEM AND ALWAYS CARE FOR THEM!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Searching for a long for a thing makes you feel annoyed and tired. I am also involved in an endless quest which is not yet been answered with the glimpse of presence. Yet I am trying and not stopping. Why am I still trying? Why am I still craving when I know that it is just  maybe I ll get its reward in reality, still I am trying to grab it with all my strength. At times it seems that I am loosing the courage but still I want to retain and build up my strength. Well what is the reason for that? Is the reason is that I don't want to loose or the reason is that I truly want to have that thing which I label it as my passionate desire?
 Running after dreams is a common phenomenon in which most of the living lings are involved. So living would be incomplete without such colors in which one takes a ride in the 2 way road of dreams and desires. At times one fails, at times one looses nearby the goal and at times there is also a winner who holds the reward. So whatever the outcome is one should stay CONTENDED and should never loose hope. Keeping up the fingers cross and not letting away hope will give light in the walking path of living days. So whatever you think, whatever you get keep hope and faith in your hands and always start your day with a positive smile J J J