Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maintaining a valuable workforce

Professional life starts generally when a person steps out from the student life and goes into the field.  Field is where you meet people of different age groups and those people are structured in a team, which is continuously striving to achieve some common tasks or goals. The tasks performed by varying individuals reflect their professionalism attitude.  Quality of work also varies.  The power with which a worker tries to best utilize his/her energies in the right direction reveals visible quality.

With the occurrence of quality work, certain indicators from the management side can boast the workers satisfaction.

Appreciation and acknowledgement for a well-done job should go hand in hand. Management should adopt measures that reward the employee who is striving at most for increased betterment.

Benefits should also be channelized for the devoted employees. In short effective and quality work should not go unnoticed and unrewarded rather a more comprehensive methodologies should be adopted to increase an employee morale and motivation.

The workplace should be designed in a manner that gives the workers the optimal chance to fully utilize their skills. The work setting should not impose any heath hazard and it should be given a top priority.

Generation of job satisfaction is necessary to achieve organizational goals. If the employees are happy and satisfied only then their morale will be high which will motivate them to work wholeheartedly for the achievement of goals. On the other hand, dissatisfied employees will otherwise yield high absentees and high turnover rate.

The management should establish a system of policies which are employee friendly and which are truly beneficial for the company’s personnel. Fringe benefits should also encompass with other monetary rewards.
Employees are the most valuable asset of any company and a sound organizational functioning cannot be achieved without them. Hence, it is in the hands of the company to maintain a satisfied workforce. Combination of different blend of strategies should be adopted to motivate and satisfy the employees. 

How to keep the relationships work?o

Locked paths are not letting people breath. Scarce and narrowness is tightening the soul. Dissatisfaction occurs because of been deprived from every pinch of life.  Its not easy to be suffocated at every direction and it’s not digestible to be negated at every doorstep. Hindrances block the vision and the thirsty mind steps on thorns.
The most shocking tragedy is to be negated by your own relations and no matter how hard one try to keep binding his soul with the loved ones go unnoticed. Hated by your so-called relations feel like an imposed curse and that curse gives pain at every step. Every new stance of been deprived refreshes the previous steps of been ignored. The ignored person starts stumbling and a change in belief occurs. Always been stabbed makes the self-esteem shake. It is not so easy to let go and keep the drowning body composed.

Been cheated and negated gives injuries. Such injuries cannot be seen in the form of bruises but they burn the soul and eradicates smile from the lips. The sense of been isolated is harsh and bitter. Relations, which are generally entitled to bring shelter and support when, start giving pains seem to loose their spark.

Spark and passion is very important in any sort of relationship for example in a mother/daughter relationship the most essential spark is trust and respect. Imagine if that spark of trust and respect goes away then what is left? Definitely, in the absence of spark an empty relationship exists. Emptiness spoils your beliefs and you start doubting relationships.

What does life depicts to be when one has no other along the side to support and guide? It is too hard to travel all alone under the hot sun and to have nobody along your side. Being unsupported all the time and starving for care continues. Continuation of the thirst of care when unattained gives disappointment and isolation.

The outcome of an empty relationship is no doubt useless. Trying hard to revive such relationship is fruitless unless the disturbing personnel realize his/her due role that has to be played to cultivate the relationship. Relationships exist in collaboration and not in isolation. To keep moving the relationship spark has to grow and exist.  

In some instances wait is the best key to give the relationships a chance to flourish. If on the other hand wait gives no good then it inflicts pain and agony.

In short relationships become at times complex and at that time, they cannot be understood or misunderstood. Time also proves to be an important factor; people are the important determinant and circumstance the vital catalyst. Whatever happens they affect the lives and living. Try to make relationships work whether one is a father, mother, child, brother, sister, husband or wife. Focus on every knot of the relationship and try to flourish it with love and care. No matter how times and circumstances turn out to be but remain intact with the loved ones. Even if one hasn’t been doing that get up right now and go to your closed one to tell how much you are thankful for the relationship that you have shared. Have a blessed life and keep moving as if you have not fallen J