Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why can't you get a job? Most hypocrite arena in the economy of Pakistan

Why it's like that? To follow your dreams is interrupted by the hypocrites. The thing is that when jobs are not granted on merit then how can it be expected that human resource in Pakistan will earn their livings with dignity. The government slogan remains high promising for raising education in the country but what is next when after acquiring education the professional degree becomes a piece of paper useless. The purpose in Pakistan should not be that number of graduates increases each year but something needs to be done to offer them a bright future.

The tragic number of so called reference jobs are increasing making impossible for people from less influential backgrounds to acquire jobs solely based on their talent. How unfortunate we as a nation is that talent goes unrewarded as all rewards goes to the certain part of the society. How can poverty curb and how can equality prevail when nothing is provided on merit.

It's a very disappointing fact when degrees of qualified youth just becomes a piece of paper as they cannot make them eligible to qualify in the gambling of job market where instead of talents opportunities are provided to the one with the highest reference power.