Saturday, February 9, 2013


Engaging in activities that will result in some positive output is the concern of a few constructive people. The problem begins when towards the commence of such activities hindrances occur by the non interested elements whose roadblocks hinder the way of the people who are trying. Trying and trying is done by the constructive people but at the same time repelling elements repel. In such a scenario how can the true worth of striving individuals can be recognised?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Change for better

The facts surrounded by a developing country are not due to the scarcity of resources but they are due to lack of utilisation. For fully utlising the resources one needs proper planning and a starting point backed up with realistic vision. 

No country is poor but every country is rich in some aspect. Just an understanding of the aspect is required and that aspect is needed to be polished for attaining betterment in thge society. This is how the magic will work on all the corners of the society and a change for better will result.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Living in a discriminating society

Most of the people who reside in the developing countries notice a similar trend in their surrounding. The trend is that people believe that things are discrimated and they are not evenly distributed. When it is being noticed that even distribution is not there then a doubt of discrimination results. The discrimination brings a distorted thinking process. The thinking process constitues of many variables. The first assupmtion of the variable is that why the society is being divided into unequal components? The other assumption is that "there is discrimination in the society". 

The sense of being discriminated brings unhappiness and dissatisfaction from the already available resources. The fact can be observed from that the available resources start to mobilize towards the most influential parts of the society. Some people claim that discrimination is a factor catalysed by the mobilisation of resources to the powerful ones at the expense of the other unnoticed portion of the society. 

In such circumstances the society's variables are needed to be adjusted by implementing reforms which justify that the resources are equal for all. The distribution is not a matter of power but it is a matter of fairness. Remedies should be then analysed with the attained outcomes by the implementation of such strategies.