Saturday, May 28, 2011


Whatever you get
Whatever you desire
There is always a way in life;
that you truly desire
Finding friends is not easy
Unceratinity is there
Hidden quests are everywhere

What you get becomes your fate
What you loose becomes a tag
A goal can be achieved or lost
There are dreams to cherish us all
Keep hoping that life will bring fruits
Keep believing that there will be a happy boom!!! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving towards a happy life!!!
Wishing for a happy life is the endless craving of a living human being. The fundamental question which arises after the recognition of the need of a prolonged happy life is that how can I get a happy satisfied life? Yes it is the most triggering question in mind which always require a simple set of solution to answer. Well according to some life dreamers the simplest shortcut of a happy life is to be contended with whatever you get in life. Then some argue that how to be satisfy and to be happy with something that you never desired for. Related to the preceding point of views a lot of other arguments can also be set forth.
Generally capturing the happy canvas of life lies in the power of an individual's mind. Why not most of us first of all try to wash away the faded colors of the previous autumn?  Later an anticipation of positivity should be cultivated with belief that Yes! I am the resident of my own life and it is only I that can bring smile on my lips. Why don't I try to rectify little joys in life? Counting little joys is not the only recommendation which can be practiced but these little joys can be cherished with a deep smile.
True happy smile is like touching clouds in the sky and the most interesting thing about smile is that it gives you a belief and relief. Simultaneous blend of a certain amount of belief and relief are at times crucial for a human being to continuously move on the road of life. Painful moments indeed can paralyze the glimpses of true happiness but one thing should be kept in mind that a combination of good things and bad things are a part of life. Hindrances and obstacles might be there but one should not let go away the faith and belief in one owns self.
Life might give you only a few choices so instead of repenting on the scarcity, a constructive approach should be adopted by keeping in view the availability of choices. Further trust and hope should not be blocked and a quest of looking for better options should not be ignored as there are always other new ways which needs your attention and are required to be explored. Lastly failures and setbacks should not be deemed as the only outcome of an incident rather other consequences should also be analyzed that added up to your experience and might direct your future actions in a more refined and vigilance manner. Hence a systematic approach be utilized and a general belief should not be given up.

TIPS for constructing a happy life
1)      Identify little joys
2)      Be contended with whatever you have.
3)      Explore and dig out new options.
4)      Never regard failure as the only outcome out of an incident.
5)       Always cultivate trust and belief.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thinking about life? A question which every person tries to answer in the walk of his own life. As life goes on some questions which stayed vague starts to get glimpses of light to answer. Yet some questions remain a mystery. Whatever stays between is a QUEST. A quest which goes on with every passing day of life. We learn to translate our thoughts to give meanings and support to ourselves. Transformation goes on every step of life. Certain feeling evoke while at the very same time some feelings wash away.  Negativity also steps in but the power of the human soul can deny it. On the other hand if that negativity is not hindered and is given a way to stay in mind then the consequences are disastrous and as a result Negativity makes the human being just to dig out flaws in every event of life. Later the mind learns to absorb just negativity and it steals away the inner happiness of the soul. Yet stealing away inner happiness is not the only harmful sore but negativity brings with itself a bundle of other bitter effects as well like:
1. Dissatisfaction
2. Hindrance to approach for positivity.
3. Unable to gather and appreciate little little joys of life.
4. ….
5. ….
6. ….
7. ….
The list goes on but the ultimate result is "UNHAPPINESS" for not only you but also for your loved ones around you…..
8. …..
9. …..
10. …..
11. …..
Well do you want to add these unhappiness ingredients in you? Surely say a big "NO" as the beautiful colors of life needs to be cherished and enjoyed. A lot of positivity lies in little things around you. Just open up the window of your heart to see it, feel it and absorb it. The consequence will be a HAPPIER YOU. Yes a smiling face and glowing eyes which are appreciating plus thanking that a lot of positivity exists in life to stay blessed. It lies in the human hands to decide his approach towards life. If the decision is adopting a positive approach then the world will seem happier to him. But if he plants the seed of negativity then the branches of it will shade away the glow of life and will add a doom in him. So humans! Learn to be positive and stay contended as life needs to be appreciated.
Life is all times not easy. Mostly what all of us comments about life is  that "mostly life is difficult, mostly endangered, what we love is lost, whatever we admire vanishes away the very next moment of this distasteful life. What we got in the end are regrets. What we crave in life goes away unnoticed and what we are left with are tears that falls from our eyes! Why appreciating this life when it just gives pain? Why living when every moment we die a silent death?