Monday, August 23, 2010


Just speechless don't know what to say? what to express? what to hide? what to feel?. what i intended and what i thought of was just like a shadow after which i was constantly running and chasing. Fine now! that shadow has just vanished but has left me behind broken and smashed. Is that my reality which is so weak that i l just left them go? Should I just mourn beside my broken desires? Trust me! these broken expectations in the form of crushed desires give more pain. We humans are the masters in creating statues of our own desires and gradually when we realize that these statues cannot be decorated in the place of our hearts anymore then we are just left with one option of breaking them by our very own hands. With those hands with which once we made them and we loved them. The breaking process gives you more pain because we are giving up something which we once loved solely. But believe me it hurts the most when you see those broken desires and expectation lying meaningless on the floor of your heart!!! But alas!!!! at that time we dont have any option........

Sunday, August 22, 2010


i was very excited for the weekend as weekdays were tiresome and tedious. on saturday i had the feeling that yuppy! the most awaited time of the week is there. like a little kid i was dreaming of candies and ice creams. i just made plans that i will do that and that. but who knows what will happen next?............when sunday came i just woke up late and the air of satisfaction and content was blowing across me but suddenly i was confronted with a problem and that problem was that "oh not again i had to fix some house chores".........
the reason was that got an unfortunate call from some relatives that they ll be at my place in the evening. i had no preparation.........on just a short notice i just got up and started to work and that quantity of work outshined my entire week's hectic work at my regular boss organisation.

maybe that forcful household work was due to the reason that i couldnt made up an excuse with my relative in a tactful manner that "sorry! i would love to have you here but i have some other plans"..........i wish i could have said that and in that way i would have saved my sunday which turned out to be a bad day for what i extracted from this incident that
1. sunday is your day
2. dont let anyone be at your place on sunday but its a better alternative to be a guest at some other's place on sunday lol
3. always come up with an excuse to save yourself..............but today i couldnt come up with one so feeling like a looser

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I remember!

we can easily notice that how people snub others. we cannot see the clever art but we can observe it. snubbing and underestimating has become a very intense part of almost everyone's life. but unfortunately we slowly gets use to it. quoting a small incident but yet it provides a clear cut example of this branch of life. i remember that i joined one place as an employee. the reason i opted for that job was that i was getting job no where and it was the only choice i had.

although in my heart i just never wanted to be there but still i had to because living without earning is impossible in earth. everyday on that job i was snubbed, crushed and had to do things against my nature. this is how your unfortunate luck at times can make you supervisior knew that i had all the potentials but always tried to snub and made my work look inferior. i still remember that how i just prepared myself to go through that grind of day. but i just learned a lesson out of that "LIFE CAN TAKE YOU WHEREEVER IT WANTS TO LEAVE YOU"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life is not simple........WHY?

Heard alot when I was a child that life is not simple but couldnt realise its meaning unless the page of bittereness didnt enter my life. till now life has started showing its glimpses in the shape of realities. what a human being can do? can a human walk in the oppsoite direction of where life is actually taking him or her..........can anyone give an opinion? Can anyone provide an experience to understand this dilemma? or should we stay quite and let the life cage us in that bitter direction?