Sunday, August 22, 2010


i was very excited for the weekend as weekdays were tiresome and tedious. on saturday i had the feeling that yuppy! the most awaited time of the week is there. like a little kid i was dreaming of candies and ice creams. i just made plans that i will do that and that. but who knows what will happen next?............when sunday came i just woke up late and the air of satisfaction and content was blowing across me but suddenly i was confronted with a problem and that problem was that "oh not again i had to fix some house chores".........
the reason was that got an unfortunate call from some relatives that they ll be at my place in the evening. i had no preparation.........on just a short notice i just got up and started to work and that quantity of work outshined my entire week's hectic work at my regular boss organisation.

maybe that forcful household work was due to the reason that i couldnt made up an excuse with my relative in a tactful manner that "sorry! i would love to have you here but i have some other plans"..........i wish i could have said that and in that way i would have saved my sunday which turned out to be a bad day for what i extracted from this incident that
1. sunday is your day
2. dont let anyone be at your place on sunday but its a better alternative to be a guest at some other's place on sunday lol
3. always come up with an excuse to save yourself..............but today i couldnt come up with one so feeling like a looser

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