Sunday, October 23, 2016

Calculative People

The truth about people that you love the most will eventually make you cry harder. Similarly trusting someone the most will leave you into despair. It is the truth about this World we always get hurt from the place from where we expect the most.

Life is spontaneous but the people who are living it are very calculative. Their intentions and gestures are directed by their only self beneficial self interest. Never ever put such person the first priority in your life who is not even willing to take a few simple steps for you. By the end of the day they are they want to be merely with you when it is their convenience and it always about them not about the other person.

Live your life with those people who are not only truthful in front of you but they are always true with you in whatever circumstances. Don't ask for affection if they are not willing to give it for free. Just know when it is the time to shut such people out of your life. Initially letting go will hurt because it was only you who was sincere while the other one was always busy far away from you.