Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rare Symptom of Emotions

The WORLD in which we live is becoming a selfish tank. People which I call creatures are transforming into selfish beings having a whole set of materialistic priorities. Human emotions have vanished because the room is only open for the lusty desires. Feelings and emotions are just games played well and with every passing day such selfish creatures are excelling.
Humans are meant to be loved but why relationships are dying artificial death of selfish acts. We the NEW GENERATION do not strive to save relationships and our interactions are becoming more of a lusty trap. We will do only those acts which are beneficial for our own centered self.
Unfortunately true emotions have become a rare commodity which is now becoming difficult to find. It's easy to involve in a disposable relationship and then throw it away once you have had enough of it. It is the most dilemma that human interactions have no face value now as the value has been transferred to dead prioritize full of materialistic lust.
The Message is in this lusty environment when you encounter the rare symptoms of emotions then do nurture it instead of killing it with your lust and do cherish it.