Friday, July 15, 2016

Seasoned People

Life is so unpredictable. Even when you are thinking that things are going your way then suddenly a twist comes. The twist turns your life upside down but trust me how much you try things do not get better. You start becoming anxious that how things will improve and you try everything to make things work. It is not that the circumstances have changed but people have changed.

Changing colors of people is the most devastating thing. You try every bit to make things work with the changed person but trust me it will never work. Nothing will work despite of your endless efforts because the person for whom you are struggling is not actually there for you. All struggles and efforts will start to break away in front of your eyes and you can't do anything about that. People who have changed like a season will not become the same person who they pretended to be previously. Such people are manipulators and they only attached there temporary color when you were there need. They never equally invested emotionally but they were partially present with you according to their own selfish desires.

Whenever you find yourself with people who show up when you fit there needs are not genuine people. Though it hurts but still you should know when to put an end to it and should gracefully walk away. If you will not walk away then they will keep on grinding you according to the suitability of their own selfish needs. You were never important for them rather you were a temporary convenience for them. Learn to let go such people as despite of giving them so many chances they will never change. Take care of your own feelings and do not let anyone exploit them as it's you yourself important rather than letting yourself grind and suffocate with such colorless seasoned people. Your life will be much better without them.